Emily Ritz / Lumpland




Emily Ritz has been a practicing visual artist for most of her life working in various mediums from ceramics to watercolor to film. For the past eight years she has been developing her own visual language in an imagined world called Lumpland. The botanical inspired work is completely unique and hypnotic. Emily’s new passion is translating her designs onto walls. Now that she has successfully executed a handful of murals she feels confident and excited to do more! If you are interested in commissioning a public or private mural here are some things you should know-

The starting price is $1,100 for murals that would take more than one day to complete. The price is negotiable based on size. This price does not include the cost of materials. 

You will have a consultation with Emily where the colors, size and composition of the mural will be agreed upon.

A deposit of one third of the cost must be paid one week in advance. 

Emily does not provide sketches nor does she project the image or pencil the design on the wall first. She just paints directly on the blank wall. This demands a high level of skill from Emily and a lot of trust from the commissioner. It is important to Emily to work this way as it allows the work to feel organic and alive which is a core aspect of her art.